Electrical solutions
Protectolite™ is a proficient manufacturer of solid, thin and homogenous molding for one-piece thick sheet laminates. The insulation sheets created by Protectolite™ are UL listed. They meet and exceed industry standards, and are used by several major electrical enterprises in both the United States and Canada.
Features Of Protectolite™ Insulation Sheets
  • Enhanced insulation properties
  • Protection from high temperatures
  • Excellent track resistance
  • Excellent fire resistance
  • Meet and exceed NEMA standards, which is an important body governing the quality of electrical products
  • Display superior punching and machining characteristics.

Protectolite™ Electrical Branded Sheets
  • Series 4000 GPO-3
  • Series 1000 GPO-1
  • Series 1200 GPO-1 (F Class
  • Series 1030HT (High Temperature - H Class)
  • Series 1090 Semi-Conductive
  • Series 1050 Pro’Therm Wedge

Standard colours include Red, White, Black, Grey with custom colours available.

Why Choose Protectolite™?

We have the unique ability to mold thick, homogenous electrical insulation sheets with a thickness ranging from 2’’ to 6’’, which is unheard of in the composite sheet manufacturing industry. The fiberglass-reinforced polyester laminates are of exceptional quality, as they are manufactured under high pressure and heat via matched metal molds.

Lastly, the composite sheets produced by Protectolite™ are also UL-listed, therefore they pass national standards of safety and sustainability.

End products:
  • Spacers & rings
  • Cable supports
  • Bushings
  • Cable blocks
  • Insulators
  • Terminal blocks
  • Bus supports
  • Switchgear components
  • Arc chutes
  • Transformer components

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