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With over 70 years of composite manufacturing experience, Protectolite™ stands as a pioneering force in the industry. Our legacy encompasses two generations of in-house expertise in product design and manufacturing, offering our clients unparalleled advantages.

Since our establishment in 1952, Protectolite™ has cultivated a diverse clientele spanning both local and international markets, fostering extensive proficiency in global business and commerce.


Protectolite Composites was founded in 1952 at the forefront of the plastics industry. Paul Szasz and Bob Yaetes together produced Protectolite’s first product – a PVC welded HVAC unit - in their garage. That grit, determination and creativity are at the very core of Protectolite’s founding beliefs.


Fast forwarding to the 1980’s, Protectolite manufactures in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and continues to produce custom moulded plastics solution to its clients. With a specific focus now on fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP), Protectolite developed and moulded at large volume electrical barriers and insulating parts for transformer, switch gear, and power generating Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s).


In the 1990’s, Protectolite proudly participated in supplying track and rail components for the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) Spadina Streetcar Line refurbishment and expansion. Protectolite continues to support the TTC on various bus, track and rail projects to this day.


Protectolite also began to expand its custom moulding applications, engineering, research, and design expertise to clients in the defense industry. Participating in the supply chain to provide ballistic grade spall liners and components, Protectolite supported Canada and the UN’s Peacekeeping mission in Yugoslavia. Since then, Protectolite has participated in such projects as Operation Desert Storm for the US Government, TAPV & MSVS for the Canadian Government and the Armor Brigade program as a tier 2 supplier to GDLS.


Protectolite also helped to develop its 1013 Series product line for indoor and outdoor hockey boards for its clients in North America. Protectolite is the leading manufacturer of FRP facings for the arena industry. Protectolite has been supplying the arena industry for 30+ years, with many installations over 15 years old without need for repair. From this, Protectolite has also been able to expand into making the interior and exterior A class gel coated & B class paintable parts for ice resurfacing machines.


Entering the 2000’s, Protectolite found a new market to expand to in water and wastewater. With one of Protectotlite’s first large scale installations in Fort McMurray Alberta, Protectolite provided algae eliminating launder covers in addition to weirs and scum baffles, all out of FRP.


Protectolite supplies parts and components to the Stryker vehicle and others used in both Afghanistan and Iraq.


In 2010’s, Protectolite continued to supply the mass transit industry by supplying interior and exterior A & B class parts using a variety of moulding methods. These parts range from structural, cosmetic and functional parts. Supplied to various OEM’s in North America, Protectolite is a leader in just-in-time supply and manufacturing.


Protectolite supplies hockey boards for rink used in Afghanistan for the Canadian Armed Forces.


Protectolite helps to develop 2000 lb towable RV.


Medium Support Vehicle (MSVS) Production for the Canadian Military begins.


Protectolite designs and repairs a single piece modular frame for CN Tower windows at 600 meters or 2,000 ft high!


Protectolite begins to manufacture Lite Resin Transfer Molding for water and wastewater parts.


Protectolite manufactures a 26’ ft long 24’’ x 24’’ self supporting through withstanding 6000 lbs with only ¼’’ deflection.


In the present day, Protectolite continues to focus on custom moulded FRP solutions for its clients with specific focus in the water & wastewater – like these four tanks for El Paso WWTP in 2021 - electrical and mass transit industries. With roots and experience for custom applications in various markets, Protectolite brings expertise and knowledge to it’s clients that many cannot. Servicing all of North America, Protectolite designs, engineers, manufacturers and fabricates end use products, parts & components to OEM’s and custom solutions to custom challenges.

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