FRP components play a crucial part in many electrical systems in the form of barriers, cable spacer, insulation and more. With the aid of Protectolite™, these parts can be custom moulded and fabricated to better serve their purpose, within an attractive price range.
Benefits Of Custom Moulding
  • Enhances electrical insulation
  • Prevents electrical arcing
  • Improves track resistance or protects the insulation from deteriorating, especially in outdoor applications
  • Improves physical strength of electrical products

Therefore, custom molding is essential for accurately meeting insulation requirements. This is one field where standardized products are not an optimal solution and can lead to major repairs and damages in the long run in the form of tracking, short circuits and equipment damage. However, Protectolite™ will ensure that the end product functions efficiently and safely as intended, as we only employ the best quality equipment and molds.


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