Protectolite is capable of producing large one-off parts to regular production of FRP housings and enclosures. From design, rapid prototyping, mould and pattern making and production, Protectolite provides clients with a reliable, accurate, and cost-effective solution to meet specifications.

Using a variety of moulding methods such as Resin Transfer Lite Moulding, Vacuum Infusion or Hand-Layup, Protectolite expertise and experience will ensure the state of the part has been customized to your needs.
End Products:
  • Motor housings, battery cases, control panels, fan shrouds
  • Step wells, window friezes, roof coves, exterior cladding, wall and ceiling panels, door liners, ventilation grills, access covers, and doors
  • Headlamp bezels and housings, driver dashboards

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