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Protectolite™ remains a key player even when it’s time to end the work week and settle into some leisure time. Our products are key components of the sporting goods and recreational industry, such as hockey dasher boards, hockey rink boards, and ice hockey boards. Innovation and protection combined with our process expertise make the right product that provides you with excellent strength, light-weight, low-maintenance, low-cost, and safe to use products.

  • Inline Skating and Ice Hockey Boards, Hockey dasher boards, Hockey Rink boards, kick plates
  • Rub rails, benches & close outs
  • Skateboard ramps
  • Silhouette targets
  • Single molded bobsled bodies
  • Bowling ball retrieval and seating
  • Ice hockey Goalie masks
  • Spectator seating
  • Snowmobile cowlings

Choose Protectolite™ for all of your recreational needs, whether they be hockey rink boards, bowling alley seating, spectator seating, goalie masks or hockey dasher boards. We are your ice hockey board experts!