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Industrial / Anti - Corrosion

Over the past 60 years, Protectolite has been supplying various industries with anti-corrosion parts. We have developed many grades of custom corrosion sheet products including laminates, which are used by a wide variety of industries including pulp & paper and mining & smelting.

We also have the capability of designing and developing custom molded parts to replace fabricated parts which are traditionally cut from sheet stock. Custom molded parts enhance the anti-corrosion and physical strengths provided by our corrosion sheet composite materials. Please speak with one of our representatives to determine whether this is the right decision for your company.

  • Mining and smelting
  • Industrial Wastewater and Water Treatment Plants
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Anode and cathode spacers for electro-winning smelting and mining extraction industries.
  • Flanges, couplings, reducers, backup rings, and other fittings for piping systems.
  • Anti-corrosion siding materials and flowing panels for harsh chemical environments
  • Weir plates, all types of baffles, splash guards, swing arms, fill stations and FRP troughs, spill stations, and tank covers for wastewater treatment plants.