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When your company is in need of any type of fiberglass reinforced plastics or fiberglass reinforced plastic panels, Protectolite™ can provide you with them. We provide the highest quality custom fiberglass fabrication at an affordable price. We use  NEMA GPO-3 fiberglass, which is an unsaturated thermoset polyester material that is fiberglass-mat-reinforced, and is arc and track resistant. Our products also will meet NEMA GPO-3 requirement ratings. The NEMA GPO-3 fiberglass rating requires it to be highly flame retardant and low smoke generating when applied to high voltage appliance insulators, bus bar supports and barriers in switch gear. When you get a custom fiberglass fabrication from Protectolite™, you can be sure that it will be held to those NEMA GPO-3 fiberglass standards.  Take a look at our custom fiberglass fabrication products, and whether it is a fiberglass reinforced plastic panel, or a transit rail seat, we will do our best to meet all of YOUR requirements!