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About Us


Protectolite is committed to customer satisfaction. We work our strive to provide our clients with great personal customer service to address their unique requirements. Our dedicated employees have worked with us for years gathering their current valuable knowledge base, which allows them to guide our clients regarding the use of optimal design, process, and material, to achieve performance and cost targets.

We provide ongoing training for our staff and continually improve our plant facilities in order to maintain our award-winning performance with our customers.

Our History

Protectolite™ has been in the composites business for over 60 years. As a pioneer in the industry we have built two generations of in-house product design and manufacturing experience, a combination that makes a world of difference to our clients.

Since opening our doors in 1953, Protectolite™ has worked with local and international clients, which has allowed us to develop extensive expertise in international business and commerce.

Protectolite™ Composites Inc is registered with Canada's Controlled Goods Program (certificate # - 27107).