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Ballistic sheets are compression molded to provide the strength and high degree of dimensional accuracy and sheet repeatability required in a ballistic grade laminate, providing you with the best bullet resistant fiberglass. Protectolite sheets have been used to enhance security & survivability on armored military vehicles around the world, in such challenging places as Bosnia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East.

We offer a wide variety of sheet sizes from24” x 24” up to 60” x 160” in both low & high volume production. Material options include textiles made from these fibers; Aramid, carbon, “E” glass and S-2 glass fibers. The textiles are then combined with any of these resins; thermoset epoxy, vinylester, or phenolic, or any number of a variety of thermoplastic resins & films

Protectolite will review any custom part requirement currently made from ballistic sheet stock that could be custom molded, as custom molded “3D” parts enhance the ballistic properties over a part fabricated & then joined together from sheets. Potential candidates for custom molded ballistic parts would be those areas of the vehicle where currently sheets are cut and fitted in a “3D” fashion such as corners, areas in the flooring &ceiling.

  • Military vehicles
  • Homeland security vehicles and buildings
  • Personal security vehicles
  • Armored car transportation, as well as Composite Armor
  • Aerospace platforms
  • Spall liners & component laminates for Add on Armor and Composite Armor used for high-threat protection for jeeps, tactical supply trucks, armored personnel vehicles, and other heavy armored vehicles
  • Spall liners & component laminates for Add on Armor used for Police and security vehicles for various military and security forces around the world.
  • Protective laminates/ composite armor and bullet resistant fiberglass for companies transporting valuables such as money and high-level personnel and cash
  • Protective laminates/ armor and bullet resistant fiberglass for cashier kiosks and other high security architectural applications such as court rooms
  • Protective laminates/ armor for Aerospace applications including camera lens housings