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Transit - Rail Track

Protectolite™ products have excellent electrical insulation, fire, smoke, and toxicity properties that meet all mass transit industry specifications, including NYCT's "FST"; Fire, Smoke and Toxicity for Rail, Bombardier SMP 800 C and Boeing BSS 7239 and E84 for tunnel test; for Mass Transit bus; Docket 90; ASTM 662 and ASTM 162 for flame and smoke, and/or FMVS 302. Let Protectolite™ provide your transit system with high quality air intakes, flooring, and third rail insulators today.


  • Mass Transit Power Third Rail Insulators and Coverboards: Amsterdam, Helsinki, Detroit, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Oslo, Mexico City, New York—MTA & MNRR, Seattle, and Las Vegas.
  • Mass Transit Rail (Rail Car),Bombardier, Alstom & others.

End products:

  • Gear cases
  • Third Rail Insulators
  • Terminal blocks and cable trays
  • Air intakes
  • Control panels
  • Fan shrouds
  • Flooring
  • Step wells
  • Window friezes
  • Roof coves, exterior cladding
  • Wall and ceiling panels
  • Door liners
  • Ventilation grills
  • Access covers and doors