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Transit - Rail Seating

Protectolite™ has been helping mass transit authorities deliver customers with aesthetically pleasing and reliable rail seating, transit seating, and rail seats for over 40 years. The transit rail seating, arm rests, handles, seat backs and shrouds are lightweight, high-strength, and have great dimensional and design stability. Protectolite™ has provided many different markets with their high quality transit seating, such as:


  • Mass Transit Rail/Subway/LRT Authorities: NYCT, NJ, CTA, STM Montreal, and many more transit authorities across North America & Europe
  • Rail/Subway/LRT City OEMs served to date, Bombardier, Alstom

End products:

  • Rail seating
  • Transit seating
  • Arm rests
  • Handles
  • Rail Seats, Seat backs and shrouds
  • Benches
  • Food trays

Let Protectolite™ provide you with the safest, most durable transit rail seats, arm rests and handles possible.