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Protectolite™ caters to rail tracks by offering superior fire resistance, as well as smoke and toxicity resistance, ensuring better safety and longevity for critical parts in a rail track such as third rail insulators. All Protectolite™ products meet the stringent specifications of numerous transit authorities and companies such as the Bombardier SMP 800 C for fire safety, Boeing BSS 7239 and E84 for toxicity, as well as ASTM 662 and ASTM 162, which are also tests for fire and smoke for railway tracks. It is due to these high-quality standards and specifications that Protectolite™ products are used extensively as third-rail insulators in major rail track networks across numerous global cities such as Amsterdam, Helsinki, Detroit, Toronto, Montreal, Oslo, Vancouver, New York, Seattle, Las Vegas and more.

Here is a list of end products catering to this segment:
  • Gear cases
  • Third Rail Insulators
  • Terminal blocks and cable trays
  • Air intakes
  • Control panels
  • Fan shrouds
  • Flooring
  • Step wells
  • Window friezes
  • Roof coves, exterior cladding
  • Wall and ceiling panels
  • Door liners
  • Ventilation grills
  • Access covers and doors

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